Bo’s Vision

Having a law enforcement career and raising my family in what I consider the greatest county in Texas has been a privilege. As your Sheriff, I want to ensure the next generation of Brazoria County residents will feel the same way. This is going to require effective and forward thinking leadership.

Innovative Advancements to Parallel County’s Growth  

In an ever-changing society, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent by relying solely on methods because “that’s how it’s always been done.” It is imperative for leadership to stay ahead of criminals through continuing to educate ourselves on the latest and most innovative ways to fight crime and deter criminal activity in our communities. Our county’s population is rising at an incredibly rapid rate, and we will continue to face significant growing pains. With more and more rooftops going up in unincorporated areas, the demand for deputies to patrol these neighborhoods and roads has become a challenge. It is paramount that our enforcement efforts are parallel with the increasing population of the county, and my vision for the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office focuses on both internal and external advancements.

Address Immediate Internal Needs

Internally, we must address the fact that the Sheriff’s Office is currently operating significantly understaffed. First and foremost, the cause of the shortage will be identified, and efforts will be focused on filling open positions. Second, I will address improving morale, well-being, and camaraderie among the current employees. Our command staff must place an emphasis on the needs of each employee as a key component for the growth and success of the agency, ultimately leading to improved quality of service provided to our county’s citizens. Increasing staff and improving morale will result in staff retention and more deputies patrolling our neighborhoods. This amplified presence will allow a higher visibility with quicker response times, creating safer streets and communities.

Expanding Services to the Community

While needs of the agency are addressed from within, my strategic plan to expand the Sheriff’s Office and strengthen its external effects in our community coinciding with the population rise includes some of these goals in the following areas of need:

Mental Health

Brazoria County is not immune to the mental health crisis affecting our nation. The increase in residents demands the expansion of the current mental health division to provide more resources to those in need of these services.

Specialized Enforcement Programs

Along with the influx of our county’s population, additional divisions within the Sheriff’s Office will need to be expanded. For example, the jail division and staff will need to adequately grow in order to deliver the required services needed for effective operation. Specialized crime specific enforcement programs will need to be implemented with some of these including narcotic interdiction, traffic enforcement, crime reduction units, auto theft, burglary and robbery.

Proactive Response to Urban Trends

We cannot have a mindset that our county is solely a rural area when urban crime trends continue to push into our communities. We must prepare to combat the types of illegal activity subsequently inherited from urban areas, such as human trafficking, which is statistically the fastest growing criminal enterprise worldwide.

Emergency Management

Being a coastal community with a high petrochemical concentration, we are all aware of potential disasters. The Sheriff’s Office will work closely with our county’s Emergency Management division to encompass a well-planned proactive approach and thorough, extensive response training for our officers.

Animal Control

Our county needs to reevaluate the current animal control service and its policies to ensure best practices are in place.

Agency Networking

Another area of need that we need to address is the networking of agencies throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office should be the core of our county that other departments can depend on for assistance. Throughout my law enforcement career, I’ve prioritized building partnerships with first responding agencies from across the county. I will continue to have the same approach as the next Sheriff by expanding and strengthening the relationships with all first responding agencies in our county and region.

To achieve these goals and more will require working with our county government and being responsible with every taxpayer dollar. As your Sheriff, I strive to ensure efficient and effective decisions are made with both the best interests of the department and our citizens’ safety in mind while being a good steward of available resources.

Building a Culture of Community

Finally, I want to touch on my desire to bring a culture of community connection to the Sheriff’s Office. Service to my community is an important pillar of my character. My wife and I are actively involved with many organizations and charities throughout our county. Having a heart for service is not only our way of life and what we are teaching our kids, it also reflects my approach to encounters with those I’m sworn to protect. As your Sheriff, I strive to bring this service-oriented mindset to the Sheriff’s Office and improve our community policing efforts to build a solid, transparent relationship with residents as stakeholders. Together we can build a safer community.

Seeking the Privilege to Serve

I firmly believe a good leader empowers their employees to accomplish their goals by instilling a hope for success and belief in themselves. As your Sheriff, I work diligently to be that type of leader because I understand that the department as a whole is only as good as the individuals that comprise it. I have listened to countless employees’ concerns over the years, and I’m honored to work for them. The progression needed for the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office to succeed in the future will start with opening the lines of communication between the deputies and leadership to capitalize on our greatest asset…the department’s employees. I took an oath and pledged to bring positive change to your Sheriff’s Office and I am committed to serving for years to come.